June 2013

Marketing Insights: Does supporting local events pay off?

Event Sponsor

Supporting local events, activities and causes can be a major business driver for small businesses. Local events marketing is an area of marketing that smaller, local companies may have the advantage over huge corporations.

This comes from the fact that your business is actually part of the community you’re supporting. So while major companies can spend millions on marketing, it is much more difficult for them to really understand the needs, wants and opinions of every town, everywhere.

Supporting appropriate local events and causes can create long-term loyalty and mitigate a price-only approach from local shoppers.

You can also choose the events and causes that best reflect your customers. If you want to attract families, for example, become involved in school activities.

Sponsoring or hosting local events is also a great way to garner public relation mentions, which will increase awareness of your business.

Every community needs the support of their local businesses—just like local businesses need the support of their communities. It’s a win-win and chances are you’ll also feel pretty good doing good.


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