July 2013

Marketing Insights: When websites go live, it’s time to go to work.



Yay, you’ve launched your website! Now what?

Creating and posting a website are just the beginning. When you consider that over 50 million websites are added to the Internet every year, it becomes quite obvious you need to do something to drive traffic.

While there are countless ways to drive website traffic, a few that should definitely be part of your plan include:

Let people your company interacts with know you have a website and how to find it is vital. A starting point should be to add your URL to all your company’s materials. This includes business cards, letterhead, emails, brochures, etc.

Work your statistics:
Regularly check your Internet statistics to find out where people are going on your site, how long they are staying on a page and how many pages they view. Use this information to adjust your site’s content to maximize user experience.

Keep it fresh:
Adding new information makes your site more appealing to search engines and gives your visitors a reason to return. Delete old information to ensure people they are on an active, current site.

Optimize your site for search engines:
Everyone wants to be first in the search results. That may not happen, but being on the first page of results can make all the difference. SEO (search engine optimization) is both a science and an art. Entire companies are dedicated to just this task, so obviously we can only skim the surface in this blog.

A few things you should to do to drive website traffic:

  • Provide great content that is rich with keywords. 
  • Develop good meta descriptions and headers (h1 tags) on each page; this will also help search engines find you. 
  • Also, link your site to all your social media venues to promote cross traffic. 

Remember these few hints, because having a website is good, but having a website people actually visit is infinitely better.


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