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Insights:Marketing Insights: Google Virtual Tour Showcases Insight’s Office

November 20, 2013

On the first Saturday in November, Insight Marketing Design directed a Google photo shoot at the agency. The advertising agency invited Google Trusted Photographers to shoot a 360-degree Google virtual tour in its downtown Sioux Falls office.

Google Business Photos are similar to Google’s well-known “street view” photos that allow viewers to navigate specific locations from a street address. This product will let people experience Insight’s office interiors, starting at the front door.

Insight Marketing Design works with clients throughout the country, some of whom have never actually stepped foot in the agency’s offices, which is located in the 8th and Railroad Building, a renovated warehouse next to a busy railroad depot in downtown Sioux Falls.

The Google Business Photos provide a way for Insight Marketing Design to have the most complete presence possible across all of Google’s products and services. When prospective customers conduct an Internet search, more than 90% use Google. So, this first point of contact could be via Google Search or Google Maps.

The photo shoot itself took about 90 minutes, and was completed by Google Trusted Photographer Nathan Maas. These Trusted Photographers are independent contractors who have been trained and certified by Google to produce high-quality, panoramic images. The photographers use Google technologies to “stitch” together the still shots into a panoramic walkthroughs.


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