November 2013

Marketing Insights: Are newsletters old news?


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Newsletters can still be an effective marketing tool. Even in today’s world of social media the tried-and-true newsletter can still help your company stand out. 

When done correctly, a newsletter can keep you top of mind with your customer base or membership and position you as an expert in your field.

Email newsletters have well surpassed the old printed version, but the mission remains the same. The key to successfully using a newsletter in your marketing mix is to actually provide valuable or interesting information. If your newsletter is blatantly self-serving or offers nothing of interest, it will quickly be unsubscribed from or discarded.

You should think of your newsletter as a gateway for your customers and potential customers to engage further with your organization. Providing ample links within your newsletter to your website, social media locations or other related destination provides a funnel to support your sales efforts.

When it comes to your newsletter, the old adage “no news is good news” doesn’t hold true.


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