December 2013

Marketing Insights: MarCom Awards announced

Marcom Awards

The MarCom Awards is a renowned international competition for marketing and communications firms. More than 6000 entries a year are submitted and only a very few are awarded the coveted MarCom statuettes for creative excellence.

This year, Insight Marketing Design won a dozen awards for a wide variety of our clients:

  • Deluxe Building Systems Sales Video – Platinum
  • Lake Area Technical Institute Poster Book – Platinum
  • Meter Fishing Tackle Catalog – Platinum
  • Simply Perfect website – Platinum
  • Auglaize Erie Machine Photography – Gold
  • Community Indoor Tennis Case Statement – Gold
  • Lake Area Technical Institute Television – Gold
  • National Association of Tower Erectors Magazine – Gold
  • Auglaize Erie Machine website – Honorable Mention
  • Missouri River Energy Annual Video – Honorable Mention
  • Insight Marketing Design 10th Anniversary – Gold
  • Insight Marketing Design 2012 Christmas Gift – Gold

Congratulations to all our clients and the Insight staff for their commitment to producing effective, compelling marketing materials.


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