January 2015

One size digital creative does not fit all.

Digital Creative

When an online banner ad is placed, it will often be distributed to a wide variety of online and mobile platforms. This can be a very good thing–if you don’t forget that digital creative elements will be reformatted in a myriad of shapes and sizes.

Too often people lose sight of what types of sites their banner will appear on.

Then you end up with tiny, mobile banners that are unreadable or big, bold online banners that look paltry and poorly designed.

One digital creative solution does not fit all. If your online banner ads are going to span the world of shapes and sizes, you need to plan ahead. Separate digital creative executions should be developed to maximize the size and location to get the most from your messaging even when it’s the same message.

It’s flawed thinking to try to save money by only using one creative execution and layout for every size because a mobile ad that is unreadable or a big online banner that doesn’t grab attention is really the guaranteed way of wasting of money. 

Every communication tool can have a big impact, if you make the message fit the messenger.

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