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Insights:Marketing Insights: Embracing a different point of view.

March 22, 2016


In the building that houses Insight Marketing Design’s world headquarters there is an eclectic mix of companies and individuals. Amongst the lawyers and accountants there are a multitude of artists and sculptors and others pursuing their livelihood in untraditional ways.

One of the artists in our building works in the loading dock area. He is a sculptor or maybe he thinks himself a welder, folk artist or found-object combiner. For many in the artistic fields, titles or labels are really of no importance. The reason I bring him up is every time I see his work, I’m reminded that our work in marketing is very similar to what he does.

Most of the materials he uses are common items: metal baskets, broken motor parts, knobs from countless do-hickeys, things we walk by every day and never give a second glance. But he does not see things the way most do, he sees them as what he wants them to be, not what they used to be. To him, that old motorboat engine cover is a bull’s head, or a saw blade is a spaceship. His efforts turn something that is invisible into something that is captivating. His vision, presented in a dramatic fashion, grabs your attention and makes a statement. A vision that frees everyone to change their perspective and discard preconceived ideas.

Marketers are faced with a very similar challenge. How to make something consumers have grown blind to, into something that reignites their interest?

People know what restaurants do, what hospitals offer, what specific types of manufacturers make, but it’s how those preconceived notions are manipulated and turned upon their heads that creates something fascinating and memorable.

Telling and showing people what they already know, or think they already know, will never make a lasting impact. Taking the time to see the wonder and amazement that is inherent in even commonplace services and products is what turns a brand into something of greater value than its simple parts.

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