March 2016

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Spring is upon us. Officially March 20 is the Spring Equinox, so it’s time to spiff up and knock the dust off your marketing.

There’s a reason Spring is the busiest home selling and buying time of year. People are out and about. People are ready for change. People are taking advantage of the longer days to do more, see more and fix, clean and generally shake off the winter blahs.

But you don’t need to be in real estate to take advantage of this seasonal impetus for change and re-birth.

Virtually any industry can offer products and services that answer this very human need to bloom in Spring.

The first step should be a review of your marketing messages to ensure they are reflective of the season and people’s reaction to it. Provide images and inspirational thoughts that fuel people’s need to improve their surroundings and be outside.

Speaking of which, people will be outside much more than they were in the dead of winter, so you’ll want to make sure to reach them with media and signage that goes beyond the laptop, desk and couch. Billboards, streaming music channels, event based and non-traditional efforts can be smart additions to your media-mix this time of year.

So enjoy the beautiful spring weather, and if you take this opportunity to re-vitalize your marketing, maybe even a beautiful increase in market share.

Happy Spring from Insight Marketing Design.

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