June 2016


Blog Infographic

An infographic is simply a combination of pictures and facts to convey a message quickly and clearly, this approach can be a powerful tool for marketers.

The combining of information and images can make complex data easier to grasp and remember. Infographics also make many communication efforts more approachable by breaking up the content into smaller sections, thus making your story more likely to be read.

The key to creating impacting infographics is keeping the message and layout clean and as concise as possible.

A linear story-line approach works best as the infographic leads the reader step-by- step through a narrative. Choosing appropriate colors, fonts and graphics to portray the “tone” of the message is also an important device to reinforce the key message of your infographic.

Infographics work in virtually any medium, from websites and landing pages to posters and mailers. When done well, animating or inserting live-action video into an infographic can create an extremely absorbing experience for viewers.

Links can also be added to infographics to provide more in-depth information or to cite supporting data.

Infographics have been used for thousands of years, starting with hieroglyphics and cave paintings and still remain a communication method that provides great recall and engagement.

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