July 2016

Say what? Facebook’s Multilingual Composer

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The recent announcement of Facebook’s upcoming wide release of its Multilingual Composer should have caught marketers’ ears.

Facebook’s Multilingual Composer allows for the automatic translation of a post in up to 45 languages.

The language displayed in a post is based on the receiver’s language preference, location and which language they usually post in.

While this option has been available to select business pages for about a year, its universal accessibility can be a real game changer.

At Insight we have clients that have an international audience in dozens of countries, and this option will dramatically reduce the translation time for social media efforts.

We also have clients in this country who have customers that reflect a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds and their first language may not be English.

These translation options can position companies as more approachable to do business with. In fact, approximately 25% of Americans are bilingual. That’s a lot of potential customers that your present English-only social marketing may not be making a deep connection with.

Presently the test version of the Multilingual Composer is only available for desktops, but the viewing experience works on all platforms.

The other thing to keep in mind when using this type of translator is that English slang or sayings may not translate into other languages properly, so it’s best to keep the language you use on the more formal side.

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