November 2016

Christmas traditions for you and yours

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Insight Marketing Design has created a special digital holiday gift for you to enjoy as you count down the days until Christmas.

We invite you to visit our Christmas Traditions page to see the original “Classic Christmas Traditions” illustration from Insight’s Executive Creative Director Doug Moss.

This charming illustration has been made interactive, so each day from December 1st through Christmas Eve, you can click on a different Christmas tradition image within the artwork to read about the history and meaning of these iconic holiday customs.

The “Classic Christmas Traditions” illustration depicts holiday customs many of us share.

You can read about traditions such as kissing under the mistletoe and sending letters to Santa to the more unique, and often Old World ones, like the stories of the Christmas spider, the Christmas pickle and the Christmas orange.

Each of these, along with many others, has the power to warm hearts and spread goodwill.

For even more holiday fun, we have also included a coloring page version of “Classic Christmas Traditions” for you or your child to print and color any way you like.

We hope you will share these stories with your children or grandchildren, because they’re the ones who will keep these old traditions alive and create new ones for generations to come.

If the holiday spirit possesses you (and for a chance to win a limited edition print of the “Classic Christmas Traditions” illustration), we invite you to post your coloring page version of “Classic Christmas Traditions” or simply share your holiday memories or traditions with us on the Insight Marketing Design Facebook page.

One winner will be drawn at random from picture or holiday memory posts on Insight Marketing Design’s Facebook page on December 27, 2016.

Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas from your friends at Insight Marketing Design.

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