November 2016

We always dress for the occasion

Blog Imd Halloween

As all of our clients know, there are quite a few characters at Insight Marketing Design. But this Halloween we took that to the next step.

To celebrate everyone’s favorite October holiday, the crew at Insight once again donned Halloween costumes for our annual contest.

Never at a loss for creativity our group of marketing professionals covered the gambit of iconic characters and unique individuals.

A prime example of this was Gaye Grider was literally shocked. Our holiday festivities also included a wizard, cowboy, prisoner, Neo from the Matrix, a geisha, two “EW” girls and The Shining’s own Jack Torrance.

Not to be restricted to actual animate beings, Stuart Little came dressed as his favorite beverage, beer. Considering his Irish heritage this was not a huge shock.

And finally our fearless leader appeared as a wind-up doll.

The two cash prize categories were, biggest transformation and most creative. The voting was close, we actually had a tie in one category.

Click here to see all the costumes and discover who our winners were this year.

Here’s hoping you got a lot of candy this Halloween.

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