October 2016

Gourds, ghouls and a chicken

Pumpkin Carving

When the knives come out at an Insight Marketing Design party it can mean only one of two things. Fortunately, this time it was for our annual pumpkin-carving HarvestFest shindig.

As you may know from past Harvest Fests, the entire Insight team takes the last few hours of one of our workdays to get creative on the season’s favorite gourd.

Knives, drills and various weaponry were quickly put to work to create orange works of art…and attempted works of art.

Keep in mind not everyone on our staff is a trained artist, says your humble blogger in defense of his “looked way better in my mind than it did as an actual real-world jack-o- lantern.”

Naturally, being an Insight Marketing Design party there was plenty of food and adult beverages to keep everyone’s spirits high.

As a new twist, this year a couple of the pumpkins refused to become jack-o-lanterns because of concrete like rinds. Seriously, carving tools, huge knives and even dynamite would not pierce them. But as resourceful creative people we wouldn’t let that stop the fun.

So we invite you to visit our Facebook page and see if you can figure out which jack-o- lanterns are natural and which may have been Photoshop enhanced.

If you’re wondering what the second thing that would bring our knives out at an Insight Marketing Design party, in keeping with the Halloween spirit, I’m just going to let you imagine all the scary things that could be….boo.

Happy Harvest Season from your spooky friends at Insight.

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