June 2018

Taking school picture day to a higher level

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Almost anyone who has kids in school or went to school as a kid remembers the annual ritual of school picture day. Parents dressing up their little darlings and pleading with them not to get messy before their picture is taken. And, of course, who can forget the exciting portrait backgrounds featuring laser beams and rainbow explosions?

But at Insight Marketing Design, we do school picture day differently.

Instead of begging kids to stop squirming and smile pretty, our Executive Creative Director, Doug Moss loads up the agency’s professional camera equipment and lights and heads to Lake Area Tech.

Lake Area Tech is a long-time client of Insight’s. In addition to creating their marketing campaigns, we also regularly shoot original photography on their campus. Insight’s goal for these field trips is to capture an authentic look at this great educational institution.

Doug shoots students going about the business of learning a trade as well as shots of the impressive equipment they work with. Campus shots are also taken to give prospective students a real feel for what their college will look like when they arrive as freshman.

We add these new photos to an image library we’ve compiled over the years. These pictures are used for everything from social media posts and digital advertising to traditional marketing. In fact, most of Lake Area Tech’s marketing material, including collateral, billboards and magazine ads, feature real Lake Area Tech students.

People who give tours of the school to prospective students often report that when the kids on the tour see one of the students they saw in ad actual taking classes at the school they can’t believe it. I’m not sure how many ask for autographs from these LAT stars, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that they do.

Original photography for Lake Area Tech does more than give their marketing authenticity. It also gets the students involved and creates a campus-wide sense of appreciation for all the great equipment and people that make up this unique college.

Depending on the project, Insight art directors will shoot photography for clients or work with professional photographers to ensure every picture is, well, picture perfect. About the only thing you won’t see in an Insight photo is a laser backdrop or exploding rainbow backdrop.

Click here to see some of the original photography we used in Lake Area Tech’s marketing. 

Or click here to enquire about what original photography can do you for your business or organization.


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