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Insights:Is v-commerce the next big holiday shopping trend?

November 30, 2018

Maybe everyone isn’t talking about it this holiday season, but shopping by voice is starting to make serious inroads as the next big shift in consumer shopping behavior.

Devices like Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomePod and apps like Siri and Google Assistant are banking on becoming the preferred way for people to interact with technology. And as we all know, fueling technology growth is the ability to sell more things to more people.

The switch from walking into a brick-and-mortar store to clicking on a keyboard to today’s familiar screen touch method of shopping has developed intuitively by the general consumer. Touching an item on a smart phone screen to order it seems natural or at the very least, unremarkable.

The jump to universal acceptance of voice-control seems imminent. It is forecast that 55% of American homes will have smart speakers by 2022. Even today, 22% of people who own voice-controlled computing devices say they use it regularly for shopping.

Some industry experts have taken to calling shopping by voice, v-commerce, and we all know a clever tech term is vital to acceptance.

This holiday season it is estimated that 3% of all 2018 U.S. gift purchases will be done by voice command. Not a huge amount, but we hazard a guess that next year voice-based gift purchases will be exponentially higher.

Creating and staying true to a brand voice has been one of the most important tenets of successful marketing for generations. The vocal revolution is about to make the brand voice a literal voice.

…Alexa wish all Insight clients and friends a happy holiday and order more candy canes.

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