April 2019

Does your product packaging pack a punch?

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Sometimes it’s what’s on the outside that counts the most. For anyone who has ever been in a store or looked at a page of products for sale on a website, it’s obvious there are a lot of products vying for your attention.

Some packaging screams out with bold colors and loud graphics. Others take the sophisticated approach with sleek imagery and understated design. Which one will win the battle of the shelf? That depends on what you’re selling and to whom.

your packaging’s first goal is to be recognizable. A well-branded product package can give people tunnel vision when shopping.

They know what they want so their brain simply blanks out all the surrounding objects.

Your packaging should also reflect what your brand is all about. If you sell items to adventurous people, bold and in-your-face design may be your best packaging choice. If your product is an upscale item, elegant imagery might be where you want to go.

Of course, this all comes with a big caveat: you never want your packaging to blend in with the surrounding competition. Being distinctive not only helps your product get noticed, but also can pique someone’s curiosity enough to pick up your item.

Just as important as how your package looks, is what it says. Like an ad, packaging copy should engage and inform. A smart approach is to research what customers think is the most important information as it relates to your product category. Is it quick preparation, ruggedness, taste, price? Then succinctly highlight those points on your package. If people need to hunt for answers, they’re more likely to move to the next product on the shelf and leave your product to gather dust.

Packaging is an important part of any branding effort. If you build consistency of your brand at every touchpoint from ads and website through to your packaging you’ll be in a better position to knock out your competition.

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