September 2019

When it comes to helping kids, Insight wrote the book.

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Many of Insight Marketing Design’s clients are associations. Unlike regular businesses, associations’ communication needs are different. In addition to the marketing we do for them to help grow their membership, we also provide a host of communication materials that are targeted to existing members. These communications efforts are designed to provide value by keeping members informed and engaged.

Because many of these groups are geared for families, we are fortunate to be able to produce fun and interesting children’s books. These books take many forms, from activity books featuring things like puzzles and games to educational books designed to use in schools.

One such book we recently created was the South Dakota Farmers Union PLAYBOOK. It was designed to teach kids how to stay safe on a farm or ranch. While the book is chocked full of entertaining games and coloring pages, it also features important safety information that kids learn while playing. This colorful book features original art created by Doug Moss, Insight’s Executive Creative Director. For those who don’t know, in addition to being a talented designer, Doug is also a nationally award-winning illustrator.

While it may look like just child’s play, the PLAYBOOK is an important tool for the South Dakota’s Farmers Union initiative to reduce accidents on farms and ranches.

It also demonstrates their commitment to every member of farm families.

You can check out the PLAYBOOK here as well as see other ways Insight has helped South Dakota Farmers Union keep farm safety top of mind.

Insight also recently designed a kids’ book for classroom use. We Grow Corn! was created for Kansas Corn as a tool for educators to teach kids about one of their state’s biggest industry. It features an actual Kansas farm family and contains information about how corn is grown, fun facts, STEM facts and digital links to accompanying informational videos. If you want to learn more about growing corn while having fun click here to check out the We Grow Corn! book.

These are just a couple examples of kids’ books Insight Marketing Design has produced to help children to learn in a fun way. They’re also a good reminder that while these projects aren’t designed to “sell,” they do provide value to both our clients and their members.

You can see more on Insight’s main portfolio menu. Make sure you check back often because we’ll be adding a lot more soon and if you ready to post impressive gains from your marketing investment, give us a call at 605-275-0011.

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