May 2020

Marketing During a Pandemic:
It’s ok to smile :-)

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While the news continues to bombard us with dire warnings and reports about the economy and COVID-19, it may seem inappropriate for brands to take a light-hearted approach with their messaging. But no matter how dark the future may look, people still need to laugh on occasion.

A recent, internet-based research study with over 15,000 respondents bears this out. With a surprising 94% positive response rate to the question: Do you approve of brands taking a funny or light-hearted approach to commercial messaging?

Of course, if you decide on a humorous approach for your marketing it should be brand appropriate and also not insensitive to the new realities. What this research is showing is that, at this time, more and more people are looking for something to take their minds off their worries. 

Humor has always been a popular marketing tactic and, even in today’s world, often welcomed by consumers.

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Stay informed and stay well.

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