June 2020

Start or re-energize a blog.

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How do you stay top-of-mind with your customers if they can’t visit you? That’s one of the major challenges COVID-19 has presented to businesses everywhere. 

Relationships between consumers and businesses are one of the cornerstones in creating brand loyalty. People like to feel there is a personal connection with companies they do business with. But just like a lot of person-to person relationships, once you stop communicating the relationship fades away and is eventually forgotten.

So how do you keep in touch without appearing to be bombarding your audience with sales pitches? A blog. 

A blog gives you a valid reason to reach out to your customers. A blog also provides you the opportunity to create a deeper and more meaningful relationship — as long as your blog provides value to the reader.

To be successful, blogs shouldn’t be just another sales pitch. They should share insights, helpful information and be engaging or entertaining. For example, if you own a restaurant that is closed, weekly recipes from your chef that people can make at home would be seen as fun and beneficial to your readers and would also keep your business top of mind.

Additionally you can invite people to sign-up to receive the blog in their email. This ensures your readers stay engaged and also provides you with new email addresses for your database. 

When starting a blog you need to commit to a regular schedule so people get in the habit of visiting your site on specific days or weeks. Blogs that are posted erratically are often forgotten because people don’t want to waste time seeing if a new blog has been posted.

If your company is already blogging, now is a good time to review your strategy to ensure your content provides value and is adhering to a regular schedule to maximize the return on your investment. 

Whether you’re starting a new blog or re-energizing an existing one, always remember to keep your readers’ needs in mind because the most boring person to talk to is someone who only talks about themselves. 

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Stay informed and stay well.

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