July 2020

Google 3D Swirl: A new spin on digital ads

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The digital ad world is always changing and evolving. New technology, new techniques and new platforms seem to happen daily. Of course, with so many people spending so much time online (even more so now thanks to the pandemic) it’s always a good idea to keep up with the latest innovations in online marketing.

One of the newest is Google’s recently released 3D Swirl Ad Format. While this innovative new look for banner and video ads has been in beta testing for about a year, it has finally been released for use by all marketers.

Google’s 3D Swirl is callED an “immersive display format” with an interactive 3D model.

This type of ad allows consumers to scroll images 360 degrees to see front, back, sides, top and bottom, allowing viewers zoom in and out. The Swirls can also feature animation. During the beta testing it was no surprise that digital ad engagement time increased dramatically as people interacted with this new format.

The timing of the release of the Google 3D Swirl ads seems particularly appropriate as visits to actual stores to inspect products has dropped off considerably due to the pandemic. Now consumers can get a complete 360 degrees look at a product in an ad before heading to a site to purchase.

Of course, Swirl can be used for much more than just showing products. This new ad format is ideal for creating elaborate visual brand stories that can be deeply engaging for your audiences.

Naturally this type of ad will involve more technical development than standard 2D display ads, but if done correctly, the payoff may be well worth the extra effort.

3D Swirl ads can run across Google Ad platforms to deliver large-scale reach. With this broad release we’ll know quickly if Swirl can turn heads and capture more marketshare for the companies that jump in first.

If you’d like to learn more about Google 3D Swirl ads, give Insight’s expert digital team a call at 605-275-0011 or send us an email and we’ll be happy to show you around.

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