July 2020

Special Offers

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One step forward, two steps back. It’s almost as if that old saying was just waiting for the coronavirus to prove how true it can be. 

Unfortunately, our country’s relaxing of COVID-19 related restrictions has not gone as well as we had hoped. Many states are reinstating retail and restaurant closure orders and businesses that had or hoped to reopen their offices are once again making employees work from their homes.

Coupled with the general feeling of isolation fatigue, the quick failure of re-opening has left some feeling depressed and frustrated. For many though, it has also energized them to get on with their lives and create their new normal. 

People can’t put off expenses and purchasing forever. Now may be the ideal time for businesses to help consumers justify spending instead of waiting for everything to get back to “normal.” 

Creating attractive special offers of products or services may be just the push many consumers are waiting for. In addition to stimulating revenue flow, discounts and incentives are also a tangible way to show your customers that you’re doing what you can to help them out. 

Promoting your offer(s) can also help keep your brand top-of-mind. While cutting margins may seem counterintuitive to keeping your business healthy, it’s obvious that times like these often require unusual approaches.

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Stay informed and stay well.

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