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Insights:Provide some emotional relief

October 27, 2020

It’s difficult to read or view news without hearing terms like pandemic burnout, COVID fatigue or quarantine depression. The truth is no one really expected this disease and its accompanying work and social upheaval to last for months and months and months and months…

The related stress, feelings of helplessness and depression have become a new emotional normal for millions of Americans. People are desperate for something upbeat to help alleviate this dark cloud that seems as if it will never end.

This makes it a good time for marketers to review the tone of their social media interactions and to be open to some good old-fashioned fun for fun’s sake. Social media sites that provide some emotional relief, whether through appropriate jokes, feel-good stories or uplifting sentiments, will likely be more attractive to consumers and thus encourage more repeat visits.

Making light of the pandemic is not a good direction, but shedding light on other positive aspects of life can grow brand loyalty and encourage deeper consumer engagement with your business.

In the spirit of levity we’ll leave you with this – 

What’s a personality trait of a bad marketer?
They’re anti-social!

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