December 2020

A very merry and Zoomy holiday party

Blog Christmas Party

2020 has certainly provided plenty of challenges, but that wasn’t going to stop the Insight crew from enjoying the holidays together. Since many in our office are still working from home, we had to change up the traditional way we celebrate Christmas together. Fortunately, we’re a creative group, so we wouldn’t let a different way of celebrating stop any of the fun and frivolity that is the hallmark of our parties.

Jill, Insight Marketing Design’s partner and director of digital services led the party planning and went all out to ensure we had another great classic Christmas gathering, this time on Zoom.

Everyone found a custom party pack placed on their doorstep by a variety of agency elves.  Inside were many holiday favorites including, eggnog, candy, gifts and beef jerky. We were assured jerky is a holiday staple.

Also in the pack was a homemade kit to make a Christmas tree ornament. The ornament required some ironing and other crafty techniques – obviously some turned out better than others.    

Since this year’s party was on Zoom we had a new feature – cats. Yup, real live cats. Turns out cats are big with a lot of Insighters and they were more than happy to include their cats in the party. I believe some cats needed to be bribed with the eggnog to socialize with us, but that may just be a rumor.

We also had a treasure hunt for things like our favorite holiday decorations, an unmatched sock and the oldest/weirdest thing in our fridge. If anyone needs very expired food or something that may have been food at one time but is now unidentifiable we can hook you up!

Taking time to enjoy the holidays with friends is a big part of what makes this time of year so special. Whether it’s in person, or online, it’s always a great way to take a moment to appreciate all we have – even during a pandemic.

You can check out Insight Marketing Design’s holiday pictures on our Facebook page. If the urge strikes you, feel free to post a picture of your cat on our page.

Happy holidays from your friends at Insight Marketing Design!

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