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Insights:New customers might be right Nextdoor

December 15, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has altered the business landscape for most companies. At least one positive (for most) has been the increase in people deciding to shop locally. As businesses continue to close down, people are more aware than ever that if they don’t support local businesses in their towns they may not have any local businesses left.

In addition to the concern of losing a local business community, paying for shipping and waiting weeks to receive a purchase has also become an issue for many people.

There are many ways to promote your business locally, from radio and billboards to local newspapers and geo-targeted online marketing. One source that you may have overlooked and which has seen significant growth during the Pandemic is the hyperlocal social media site Nextdoor.

Nextdoor creates social groups based on a person’s house location. The idea is that it’s a place where actual neighbors can share information, get local news and get to know one another online. Think of it as the modern incarnation of talking to your neighbor over your fence.

Naturally advertising is allowed on the site. The upside of this social network for businesses is that you can target your messaging to people who live around your business. This can make offering delivery easier and, thanks to the convenience of your location, also increases the likelihood of people visiting your store.

There are two cost-effective ways to advertise on Nextdoor. The first is called Local Deals. This allows you to target specific neighborhoods with offers and discounts.

The other way is called Neighborhood Sponsorship. This allows your ads to be seen by people who live within the ZIP codes you select. The challenge with this option is that Nextdoor limits the number of ads that can be seen in each ZIP code, so you may need to plan ahead to ensure you’re reaching the neighborhoods that fit your demographic.

The cost to advertise on this social media network is fairly inexpensive, but keep in mind that the number of people you’re reaching is also fairly small.

If you’d like to know more about marketing on Nextdoor or if it is an appropriate addition to your digital marketing strategy, give the digital strategists at Insight Marketing Design a call at 605-275-001 or send them an email.

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