June 2021

Insight Wins 2021 Health Care Aster Awards

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I’m sure we don’t have to tell you that 2020 was an extremely challenging year for the health care industry. Health care providers were ground zero for the pandemic and they went to heroic lengths to provide care and compassion during these incredibly trying times.

One of the big lessons for the health care industry during this period was the absolute importance of communications for both prevention and the ability to be proactive in fighting COVID-19.

In the early stages of the pandemic spread, Insight Marketing Design’s client Heartland Health became aware that many in Sioux Falls’ immigrant community, who were not native English speakers, were missing important information on how to protect themselves and loved ones from COVID-19.

Together Insight and Heartland Health developed a multi-language outreach campaign. The campaign included a video that presented proper handwashing techniques in six different languages, multilanguage social media posts and a Spanish/English coloring book that showed the important steps to help prevent COVID-19 infection. A tote bag was also developed with multilanguage information sheets and hand sanitizer. 

This outreach effort was an important step in helping keep everyone in our community safer and the nation’s most elite competition dedicated to recognizing excellence in health care marketing, the Aster Awards, also recognized our efforts with a Gold Award in the Crisis Management Campaigns category.

Communication between medical professionals is just as important as communication between health care providers and the public. By sharing information and having timely access to important medical records, lives can be improved or even saved.

On the forefront of this effort in South Dakota is Insight’s client, South Dakota Health Link. We have had the privilege of helping this important organization improve communications between health care professionals for many years. This year, we are proud to report that the Insight-designed and programmed South Dakota Health Link website was awarded an Aster Awards Gold.

You can see more of Insight Marketing Design’s award-winning health care work on our website. Congratulations to Heartland Health and South Dakota Health Link and thank you for the important work you do every day.

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