May 2022

Laurie Maurer Joins Insight as Office Manager

Laurie Maurer Joins Insight As Office Manager

We invite you to say hello or hola to Insight’s new office manager, Laurie Maurer. That’s because in addition to her impressive background as an Onboarding and Training Manager for a medical billing company, she is also fluent in Spanish. A skill that is sure to come in handy as Insight often has creative work translated for international use.

As Insight’s office manager, she’ll be welcoming guests to our office, generating reports, handling shipping, bookkeeping and countless other tasks that let us all keep doing what we do.

Laurie has a passion for the creative arts and is an expert calligrapher. As part of Insight’s recent office renovation, one large wall has been covered with chalkboard paint. This open canvas was too much for Laurie to resist, so she filled it with fun and motivational messages. You can see her chalk art in the background of the photo that accompanies this blog. To the team however, it’s her amazing baking skills that have us jumping with excitement – or maybe that’s the sugar in the homemade treats she brings to the office.

Next time you call or visit Insight, make sure you take a moment to meet Laurie. Who knows, there might be a fresh-baked cookie in it for you.

Welcome, Laurie.

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