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Brooke Kolb - Social Media Strategist

Insights:Insight Welcomes New Social Media Strategist, Brooke Kolb

July 20, 2022

Brooke Kolb comes to Insight with over six years of graphic design, content creation and social media strategy experience. She’s worked with a wide variety of clients and knows her way around all the major social media platforms.

Brooke graduated from South Dakota State University, majoring in graphic design and studio art, but quickly fell in love with the virtually unlimited creative potential of social media.

As Insight’s Social Media Strategist she’ll work closely with our digital team and clients to grow brand engagement and create campaigns that deliver exceptional results. Brooke is passionate about brand storytelling on social media, which makes her a natural fit for Insight.

Brooke is in the process of moving from Brookings, SD to Sioux Falls, SD and her social media skills have made finding the perfect place, even in our crazy housing market, a sure thing.

While she loves all things digital, she also enjoys tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons and trying to keep her house plants alive (with considerably less success than she has growing clients’ ROI).

If you’re ready to build or energize your social media presence, we invite you to talk to Insight’s Brooke Kolb. For those more interested in D&D, we’ll leave you with a digital and D&D crossover joke:

Q: How do wizards know if their magic will work?

A: They use spell check.

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