August 2023

How Insight Can Work with Your Marketing Department

How Insight Can Work with Your Marketing Department | Insight Marketing Design

As a full-service marketing agency, Insight provides clients with a variety of services, including branding, social and digital media and web development. We work with clients of all sizes, including those that do and do not have a marketing department. It’s a misconception to think your business can’t, or shouldn’t, work with an agency if it already has an internal marketing team in place. Working with an agency allows you to tap into our industry expertise and collaborative spirit, offering a wide range of benefits to your business. 

Media Buying

Insight’s media director is a veteran with over 20 years in the media arena, researching, negotiating, planning, placing and maintaining media. What does this mean for you? Insight has formed solid relationships with media partners that often provide opportunities not always offered to others, including lower agency rates and bonus spots. We also have strong buying power as we place media for multiple clients and have room to negotiate with media reps. This helps ensure our clients have the best rates and placements available. We can help make even the tightest media budgets go farther than you imagined.

Social Media Advertising

Sometimes Insight works with clients that already have the knowledge and time to run their own social media accounts. To supplement their organic, unpaid social media, Insight can manage the paid advertising, which is an important complement to organic efforts. Our graphic designers are skilled in both static and animated ads, ensuring impactful and eye-catching creative. Our social media managers research and place targeted campaigns that they monitor and optimize throughout the campaign’s duration. 

Videography and Photography

It’s no secret that today’s cellphones shoot high-quality photo and video. But it still takes a trained eye to achieve proper lighting, subject placement and editing to ensure a stellar final product. Even a single day’s photo or video shoot results in a library of assets that can be used strategically for multiple campaigns over a period of time. Investing in photo and video allows Insight to bring your company’s brand to life by telling your story online, on billboards or on television.

New, Creative Ideas

In 2023, Insight celebrated our 20th year in business, so our staff can add years of knowledge, experience, and industry insight to an in-house marketing staff. Having worked with hundreds of clients over the years, we know what does and doesn’t work, but we’re always searching for creative and innovative solutions to your challenges. Allow us to be the fresh eyes on your company’s goals, so we can plan and develop new ways to help you get there.

When working together toward a common goal – your business’s success – Insight is your company’s partner. It takes a committed team to create any successful marketing campaign, so contact us today to get started.

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