November 2023

Meta Certified vs. Non-Certified: Why It Pays to Partner with a Social Media Pro

Social Media Meta Certification

Ghosts of Social Media Past

As a kid, I spent most of my life immersed in the ever-evolving digital atmosphere of the 90s and 2000s with video games, TV, electronics and the internet. I customized my MySpace profile with pretty graphics while choosing which top five friends to display. (Was the owner of MySpace, Tom, in your top 5?) Then came Facebook, where I untagged myself from unflattering basement party photos and sent help notifications to my friends on Farmville. It’s hard to believe social media has transcended its role as a mere online pastime, emerging as a dynamic, robust ecosystem.

It’s funny how many years later, I’d have a career established working professionally in social media. I even became Meta Certified in Media Planning. When the many congratulatory email bombardments hit, I suddenly realized this was a bigger deal than I initially thought. It wasn’t the $150 testing fee or the fact that I had to take the test with my camera and mic on; it was all those emails.

Since the certification, I’ve learned why it’s significant for businesses to work with agency-certified partners like Insight regarding advertising on social media. And I’d love to share that information with the rest of the class.

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Playing Facebook & Instagram Ads on Hard Mode

Meta makes creating and advertising on their platform easy, allowing page owners to boost content. Boosting simplifies marketing efforts to the point where it’s hard to understand why someone would want to overcomplicate such a user-friendly process. That is where Meta Certifications come in handy.

The Meta Certification in Media Planning means I have the professional tools and knowledge to use Meta’s Ad Manager proficiently. As part of Meta’s Business Suite, this separate dashboard is where social media campaigns are created, structured and optimized. It can be overwhelming and confusing, even for seasoned professionals. 

Meta’s Ad Manager is best suited for goal-driven businesses that need comprehensive, in-depth targeting, optimization and budget control. As someone who utilizes the ad manager daily for multiple accounts, I’m able to:

• Create and customize complex campaigns with multiple ad sets, creatives and targeting options.

• Utilize every placement to its fullest potential by customizing all ad formats.

• Take advantage of detailed targeting options like lookalike audiences and retargeting based on user actions on your website or app.

• Control budget allocation and bidding strategy, essential for achieving specific goals.

• Make data-driven optimizations and decisions regarding performance with comprehensive reporting and campaign tracking.

You can spread that social media ad budget far when using Ads Manager to its fullest potential. The platform is built for structure, so comprehensive storytelling is possible through multiple messages and creative. More bang for your buck is what I like to say.


Since I have yet to introduce myself – hi! My name is Brooke, and I’m a Meta Certified social media strategist obsessed with ensuring campaigns are 1.) successful and 2.) competitive. Many companies struggle with social media because it’s a relatively new marketing channel, especially compared to the usual gamut of billboards and print ads. Maximize that ad spend and get yourself someone who can fine-tune and coordinate campaigns professionally. If you have questions or concerns about your current paid social media, contact Insight!

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