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Insights:Winning the college recruitment game

October 8, 2012

Educating potential students on a higher education institution’s offerings and lifestyle have relied on viewbooks for decades. Most high school juniors and seniors can count on a mailbox stuffed with these glossy college recruitment catalogs. So much so, one has to ask, what can be done to stand out?

Just like in any other industry, you must zig while everyone else is zagging. Which is why no one will receive a 2012-2013 viewbook from Lake Area Technical Institute. Instead, Insight Marketing Design created “Interest Cards.” A dozen oversized cards that each focus on a single subject contained in a card pack. Unlike any other “Viewbooks,” this unique approach allows prospective students and their parents to either peruse all the offerings or focus on what they have already decided will be their course of study. This unique packaging also positions Lake Area Tech as a progressive school that is on the forefront of modern education.

Here’s what our client said:

“Insight Marketing Design has taken Lake Area Tech to the next level of college marketing!  Insight has made a huge effort to study and understand who we are as a business and to whom we are sending our messages.  Without a doubt, they have ramped up the visual image of Lake Area Tech and provided us with a definite edge in the college marketing scene.”
LuAnn Strait, Director of Institutional Relations

The reality in today’s competitive academic market place is you can’t keep playing the same hand if you want to win at the recruitment game.


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