March 2015

Advertising lessons learned over the last 12 years.

Blog 12 Years

In the Spring of 2003 — 12 years ago — Insight Marketing Design opened its doors. We came on the scene with a few impressive wins, gaining several medium-sized clients from a five-state region.

We had a lot to learn in those early days. Truth be told, we’re still learning every day. 

One of the things we’ve learned is that the only thing constant is change. Advertising seems to evolve more quickly than most industries. New technologies and the ways in which people make decisions and communicate has changed dramatically over the past 12 years.

If you recall 2003, it was a time of online infancy. Websites were simple, there was no such thing as mobile devices and social media didn’t exist. The clients that hired this new start-up agency were NOT looking for digital marketing plans. They were searching for an agency that could provide three things:

  • Smart strategies
  • Creative ideas
  • Branded design

And, as time went by, we did our best to provide these three things.

We hired team members with knowledge, experience and drive to help our agency evolve with the times and to help our clients succeed. Over time, digital work became the norm and has become something we pride ourselves on. “SEO” and “UX” are terms our entire team uses on a daily basis.

We have developed deep Government websites, launched social media campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, provided online content for international corporations and are working with an innovative computer solutions company from Silicon Valley.

And with all of these digital challenges and achievements, the biggest lesson we’ve learned… focus on three things: Smart strategies, creative ideas and branded design.



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