Rosenbauer Fire Apparatus

Rosenbauer builds custom emergency vehicles for clients around the globe. When they needed new graphics and collateral materials to heat up sales, they called Insight Marketing Design.

Brand Development, Experiential, Print & Design
Insight created custom truck graphics to highlight Rosenbauer’s role as the official fire truck of NASCAR’s Charlotte Motor Speedway and Bristol Motor Speedway.
Experiential, Print & Design
For serious lifesaving equipment, what’s underneath is just as important as what is on the outside. Insight created this exploded view of a Rosenbauer chassis and cab components to allow prospective customers to get a real feel for the quality and dependability of these vehicles.
Experiential, Print & Design
This 3D illustration style was developed to show the inner working of separate components within the vehicle’s cabs.
Experiential, Print & Design
A combination of 3D illustration and photography answered our client’s question about how to show the roominess of their fire engine cabs.
Brand Development, Print & Design
A few examples of the over 25 brochures Insight created to highlight the many varieties of trucks and options available from the Rosenbauer line.