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Clearly Creative

Branding • Identity Great care translates in any language

The Center for Family Medicine is unique, since it serves a large immigrant population that is not familiar with the United State’s healthcare system. In many instances, they do not speak English. Insight was asked to create marketing to reach this audience and provide a level of comfort to encourage potential patients to visit.

Billboard Bigger is better

The Center for Family Medicine billboards were placed in areas that had high immigrant populations. Being able to discuss health issues in your native language is a big plus for those who are not fluent in English.

Cfm Billboard
Video Production AHHH! Open Wide.

This attention-getting spot was created to highlight both the superior care and the clinic’s ability to provide health care services in many languages.

Cfm Website
Website Development Healing begins with understanding

The Center for Family Medicine serves a large immigrant population. To ensure everyone who visits gets the most out of the site we included fast translation capabilities for dozens of languages.

Blog Images Inclusive and informative

The Center for Family Medicine blog features a wide variety of health care topics for people of all ages. It also covers topics that people who have moved from other countries may not be familiar with, such as immunization requirements for U.S. citizens.

Cfm Blog Image
You can tell Insight has been in this game for a long time and definitely know what they are doing. They are constantly looking at ways to improve our reach and are always thinking of out-of-the-box ideas. I don’t have to ask them to come up with ideas – they bring them to me. We have a unique patient population and they accepted that challenge head on. I would definitely recommend Insight. They are very knowledgeable of the health care industry and are going to do the best job- no matter if you’re a big or small organization or have a big or small budget.
Brittni PuntMarketing Director
Center for Family Medicine
Interior Office Graphics Making people feel right at home

Engaging interior graphics and wayfinding signage promote the Center for Family Medicine brand while also reassuring patients that CFM can translate dozens of languages, including theirs.

Cfm Wall
Cfm Wall2
Social Media Images Building a community

Engaging and informative, these social media posts were designed to reflect the diverse ages and ethnicities that make up Center for Family Medicine’s patient population.

Cfm Social
Outdoor Advertising Spanish Bus Bench

Based on research, many of Center for Family Medicine’s patients utilize mass transit. Insight developed a series of bus bench placements in both English and Spanish to reach the target audience.

Cfm Bus Bench