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Branding • Identity One Call, Countless Resources

To help promote this important but underutilized state government program for connecting aging and individuals with disabilities with resources, Insight created an approachable brand that people felt comfortable with. A new name, new tagline, new look and new outreach all lead to amazing growth.

Dakota At Home


Dah Illustration
Dah Website
Website Development Providing resources to South Dakota’s aging population

A large percentage of Dakota at Home’s target market is elderly. To better connect with this group, we made sure the site was easy to navigate and featured helpful features such as the dominant placement of the font enlarging tool.

Social Media & Digital Marketing In-home resources

Research gained through Insight-moderated focus groups indicated that the target market was most likely to hear about the type of services Dakota at Home connected people with from friends or family members. This information made a strong social media push an effective way for people to share the brand story.

Dah Digital
Newspaper Ads Animal print

Small space ads were created to reach a demographic that provides the highest readership of newspapers. The brand illustrations tied the print efforts closely to all the other mediums used to get the message out.

Dah Newspaper


Results Triple digit growth

The Insight-designed characters used in this campaign struck a cord with people statewide. Calls to Dakota at Home increased 300% when the campaign was launched. The campaign was halted briefly to allow the South Dakota Department of Human Services to install a new phone system and hire additional staff to handle the call volume.

TV & Radio Production Keep it friendly

This series of animated television commercials feature original illustration by Insight.
The memorable characters provide visual interest to the Dakota at Home story.




Billboards A warm and fuzzy message

Billboards featuring the Dakota at Home characters provide an ideal support medium and aid in recall of the program.

Dah Billboard