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Marketing Insights: Insight’s most read 2017 blogs

Blog 2017

Besides wild parties and champagne, the sudden appearance of lists about just about anything is a sure sign that another year has passed us by. Never one to disappoint, we figured people might be curious to know which blogs we posted in 2017 were the most popular.

One of the good things about our top ten blogs list is that you can spot trends that can help you decide what people are most interested in.

This information would allow us to better focus the subjects for this blog and in theory garner even more readers.

Alas, our readers are not that easy to pin down. Our top ten blogs subjects ranged all over the place, from party blogs to marketing and music. This did however confirm our belief that our blog readers are a diverse, intelligent and independent group of people.

If you missed any of these 2017 blogs just click the title to read it.

So with no further adieu – Insight’s top ten 2017 blogs.

Our NUMBER 1 most read blog of 2017 was – You Can’t Beat the Right Music
Obviously, our readers rock!

NUMBER 2  (maybe due to a somewhat misleading headline) Shooting in the Heart of South Dakota
This blog was about a film shoot that took place throughout rural South Dakota – not gun play.

NUMBER 3  HarvestFest 2017
Always a great party with amazing pumpkin carving.

NUMBER 4  New Insight Website is Alive!
This happened in September, but if you haven’t visited yet, you’ll definitely want to check it out.

NUMBER 5  Emoji Domain Names or My URL is Poop, Smirk, Football
We can’t agree if it was the word poop or football in the headline that made this one so popular.

NUMBER 6  Love Your Neighbor
An organization that promotes understanding and togetherness wasn’t only a great blog, it was a great project for us.

NUMBER 7  The Most Expensive Keywords
Money, money, money. Always a popular topic.

NUMBER 8  Last Minute Holiday Marketing Tips
Everyone is in a rush during the holidays, and that includes marketers.

NUMBER 9  Insight Wins National Healthcare Aster Award
A big award and big readership for the blog. We call that a win, win.

NUMBER 10  Halloween Happenings at Insight
And rounding out our top ten was another party for the boos and ghouls at Insight.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our blog in 2017 and we promise even more great info and stories for 2018. If there is a topic you’d like to see covered this year, email us here ([email protected]) and let us know

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