September 2014

Insights on the right place at the right time.

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The truth is, for some businesses no matter how good their marketing is, some of their potential customers just won’t buy right now.

Major purchases, as well as “when needed services” fall in this category. If you bought a new car yesterday, seeing a great ad today probably won’t convince you to buy another car. Even a delightful ad for a hospital’s emergency department won’t make you go out and injure yourself just so you can visit. The list of clients whose offerings need to be timely to their audience goes on and on.

For some of these types of industries “the right time” can be tweaked somewhat.

Incentives and technical breakthroughs can adjust an individual’s purchasing timeline to a limited degree, but where marketing really plays a big part is being in “the right place.”

The right place is always the same place: top of mind.

When your customer is ready, you want to be the brand that comes to mind first. To do this, you need to create engaging and memorable marketing that sticks with a person. This is why companies that tend to push the envelope with their marketing tend to be the market leaders. Of course, running consistent media also serves to refresh your message, but without brilliant creative executions, that approach provides a drastic reduction of your ROI.

For marketers, “the right time” for standout advertising is every time unless you want to risk losing your place in the marketplace.


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