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Should You LOL on Social Media?

July 26, 2022   |   Categories: Digital Marketing, Marketing Insights, Social Media

Everyone likes a good laugh. That includes brands who utilize social media platforms to grow their businesses. A recent survey showed that 80% of marketers […]

Your Facebook Primetime Guide for Six Industries

July 15, 2022   |   Categories: Digital Marketing, Social Media

Timing can be just as important as content when trying to maximize your Facebook engagement. A recent engagement tracking study has been conducted that reportedly […]

Google Search Operators

June 8, 2022   |   Category: Digital Marketing

At Insight, a lot of our time is spent convincing consumers to visit our many clients’ websites or social media pages. In fact, some of […]

AVA Digital Awards recognizes Insight with Platinum and Gold

February 16, 2022   |   Categories: Awards, Digital Marketing

Marketing professionals understand that digital is a key part of today’s successful marketing programs. This naturally means to be successful online requires websites and marketing […]

Is audio-only the next big thing in social media?

January 25, 2022   |   Categories: Digital Marketing, Social Media

New social media platforms are launching all the time. Most don’t catch on and quietly disappear. Even huge companies have failed at launching new platforms […]

Will Short-Form Videos Dominate Social Media in 2022?

November 30, 2021   |   Categories: Digital Marketing, Social Media, Videography

Marketing with short-form videos on social media has been growing in popularity for years. Brand videos, up to a couple minutes in length, have proven […]

The rise (again) of the QR Codes

November 22, 2021   |   Categories: Advertising News, Digital Marketing

Just when it seemed QR codes had faded off into the sunset, they have reasserted themselves in a major way. For those who need a […]

Fun with 404

August 4, 2021   |   Categories: Digital Marketing, Marketing Insights, Website Development

The 404 error notification is a standard HTTP code for when a browser cannot find a specific page on a server. This can be caused […]

Land More Customers with Landing Pages

July 30, 2021   |   Categories: Advertising News, Digital Marketing, Website Development

A landing page is a web page that focuses on a specific topic and is separate from your homepage. Typically landing pages are created as […]