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Science Says Ads Make Us Happy!

August 5, 2022   |   Categories: Advertising News, Marketing Insights

A new empirical study, authored by David A. Griffith of Texas A&M University and otherprofessors from other respected universities found advertising makes people happy! Perhaps […]

Who Owns “THE”?

July 1, 2022   |   Category: Advertising News

You’d be forgiven to think a word so commonplace as “the” couldn’t be trademarked. You’d also be wrong. Ohio State University has just become victorious […]

A Super Opportunity for Booze!

June 28, 2022   |   Category: Advertising News

If you’re a regular NFL Super Bowl viewer you may have noticed that Anheuser-Busch has dominated the commercial space. They certainly have produced some funny […]

A Charitable Outreach That Really Makes You Feel

January 3, 2022   |   Categories: Advertising News, Client News

It’s a common refrain in marketing that the best nonprofit donation efforts make people feel something. At Insight, we took that approach literally for Dakota […]

The rise (again) of the QR Codes

November 22, 2021   |   Categories: Advertising News, Digital Marketing

Just when it seemed QR codes had faded off into the sunset, they have reasserted themselves in a major way. For those who need a […]

What you should know about Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) website compliance

September 24, 2021   |   Categories: Advertising News, Website Development

In 2010, the U.S. Department of Justice passed the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design, mandating all electronic and information technology, like websites, […]

Land More Customers with Landing Pages

July 30, 2021   |   Categories: Advertising News, Digital Marketing, Website Development

A landing page is a web page that focuses on a specific topic and is separate from your homepage. Typically landing pages are created as […]

TikTok’s 2nd Largest User Group Surprises Many

July 13, 2021   |   Category: Advertising News

TikTok is an app that is used primarily for creating and sharing very short videos. The ease of adding music and uploading a video has […]

Is this a dream come true for marketers?

June 29, 2021   |   Category: Advertising News

A handful of major companies are presently working with scientists to “engineer advertisements into willing consumers dreams.” Yup, dream-vertising may be the next big thing. […]