March 2021

When you invest in print collateral, make it amazing!

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In this hyper-digital world, has digital media killed the need for print collateral? Not quite.  While some may view printed pieces as antiquated or unnecessary, savvy marketers can see the big picture and know that creative print collateral enhance the brand experience and leave a tangible impression on the intended audience.

First, what is print collateral?

Physical marketing items such as branded letterhead, business cards, brochures, direct mail pieces, branded promotional items (like pens), etc., fall into the Print Collateral category. Print collateral has excellent staying power and can add a feeling of importance to marketing materials. Seeing a brochure on the screen doesn’t deliver the same corporal gratification as holding that brochure in your hands. Print collateral is a critical tool for sustaining brand messaging.

An important component in print collateral is consistency. When interacting with a brand, the audience expects a consistent experience across all channels. Audiences subconsciously translate brand consistency into trust. If there is a mismatch between how a brand is portrayed online versus their physical marketing materials, it registers as a mistake.

Another important component is to make sure your print collateral is unique, thoughtful and creative. Not only will this dial up the audience engagement with the piece, but there is also a direct correlation between the quality of the marketing materials and the quality of the brand.

When you’re ready to invest in print, make it amazing!

It may be the audiences’ first interaction with the brand. It’s best to make an impact with a piece that is valuable to the brand.

We recommend focusing on updating these print collateral items first:

  • Business Cards – The ol’ business card is quite possibly the most used piece of print collateral for any business. It’s often the first interaction a person will have with a brand. Make sure it makes a good impression.
  • Brochures, folders, sales kits – A brand will want to make sure their audience returns to the print collateral at some point. Ensuring the collateral has a consistent brand message and is creative will enhance its impact and effectiveness.

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