May 2021

A Post-COVID Work World: Out of Our Pajamas and Back in Our Offices

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The great “Working from Home” experiment prompted by COVID-19 seems to be drawing to a close. We’re seeing more and more businesses begin re-opening processes, and Insight Marketing Design is among them.

When Insight sent employees home in March 2020 to work remotely, Jill Smith, VP of Digital Services, joked at the time “see you in a year.” She had no idea just how prescient that statement would be. We skipped the summer picnic. Our annual fall party was held virtually on Zoom, as was our Christmas party, our St. Patty’s Day party, employee birthday parties…I could go on. 

Throughout that time, we’ve continued to wear our creative hats and develop successful marketing efforts with clients around the country who also changed their business models to work remotely. Some clients even found ways to provide unique products that helped people adapt to social distancing, and we provided marketing for those products. We became very proficient on Zoom, and even produced a Zoom Taste Testing Event for one client.

Insight is now cautiously moving employees back into our renovated warehouse offices in downtown Sioux Falls. Employees were invited back to the office once they were two weeks past their final vaccination date, and, until the CDC’s recent announcement lifting mask requirements, we were asked to wear masks when outside of our individual offices. These safety practices are similar to what many other businesses are currently using.

Returning to a social circle in the office after 15 months of “WFH” is a little like the first day of school after a very long summer break.

One staff member came back eight months pregnant! We’re re-learning how to use the telephone system. It’s good to see colleagues in person. Our industry is one that thrives with collaboration and social input.

COVID-19 certainly changed the way many businesses do business, but at the heart of these adjustments was the idea that we were keeping employees and clients safe, and that’s really the bottom line.

We’re looking forward to meeting with clients, colleagues and friends again, and we invite you to stop into our office and say hello if you’re in the neighborhood.

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