July 2021

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In today’s crowded marketplace it is difficult for consumers to see the difference between companies. This is made even more difficult due to the real or assumed parity of products and services. The solution to this conundrum is to create a personal connection between your business and the consumers. Naturally that’s easier said than done.

Empathy is defined as being aware of, sensitive to and vicariously experiencing the feeling, thoughts, and experience of another. In other words knowing what really matters to another person and showing them that you understand and care.

For marketers this means demonstrating through thought and action an understanding of what issues or situations are important to your customers. Many companies have done this effectively for decades. Examples include outdoor equipment companies that support conservation, baby product companies that demonstrate their understanding of how difficult raising a child can be, and others who position themselves as leaders within a variety of causes.

This association creates a bond or what’s also could be called brand loyalty. It turns the purchasing decision into an emotional decision that can be justified in the consumers mind.

To truly be empathetic requires taking the time to understand your target markets’ view points and feelings on different subjects. If you discover where your brand personality intersects with these desires you can build a connection that goes beyond a financial transaction.

Insight Marketing Design has developed a system to unearth these connections that we call Empathetic Immersion. In many ways this process is like a focus group, except the goal is not to understand what consumers like or dislike about your product, but what issues in general they feel passionate about.

These revelations can help guide a business on their approach to supporting specific causes or speaking out against injustices. Authenticity is paramount because the slightest hint of insincerity or duplicity can cause irreparable harm to a brand.

Understanding what’s truly important to your customers will always be the most important tool in any marketers arsenal. To learn more about unveiling consumers’ emotional motivators and Insight’s Empathetic Immersion process call us at 605-275-0011 or email us.


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