November 2021

Will Short-Form Videos Dominate Social Media in 2022?

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Marketing with short-form videos on social media has been growing in popularity for years. Brand videos, up to a couple minutes in length, have proven to be a smart investment for some very good reasons. Perhaps the biggest reason is demonstrated by a 2020 study which showed that people shared videos at twice the rate of other forms of content. Every share is the modern equivalent of  “word of mouth” marketing that most companies want. Short-form videos are also affordable to produce, providing a high return on investment.

Perhaps the most telling sign that short-form videos on social media will continue to grow as a marketing tool is that 89% of marketers presently using short-form videos plan to continue or increase their investment in the format. With recent data showing that 84% of people who viewed branded videos bought a product or service based on a video view, it certainly looks like short-from videos are going to be around for the long haul.

One content trend that will most likely grow in 2022 is explainer or educational brand videos. This style of video has been shown to improve lead generation and grow brand loyalty. The most likely reason for this is that explainer/educational videos create the impression of providing value to a viewer while also positioning the company as an expert.

In a very different way, user developed content is also delivering a high return on investment. This tends to be more fun and thus more engaging for the audience. The key is to be sure that any user videos you adapt for marketing are done with the original creator’s knowledge and approval. Often, providing the creator with products and being transparent about it can encourage others to create brand-friendly content that you may be able to use in the future.

Short-form video marketing on social media will most likely see wider adoption in 2022 and for the companies that do it right, the payoff will be significant.

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