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Oro Agri is a global agri-chemical company that produces adjuvants and other products to improve plant growth and the efficacy of inputs. They selected Insight to help improve the company’s growth and spread the word about adjuvant usage on today’s farms.

Oro Color

Digital Ads Growing clicks and market share

A simple look for simple solutions drove farmers to learn more about all the advantages Oro Agri products provide.

Website Design A source of information and solutions

Insight created a responsive website that helps tell the Oro Agri story. In addition to highlighting the product line with videos and technical data, the site also includes a unique product selector feature that allows growers to answer a series of questions that lead to recommended Oro Agri products based on their needs.

Oro Digital
Oro Website
Photography Capturing a way of life

Original photography of actual farmers and their families helped Oro Agri connect with their end users on an emotional level

Oro Photos
Oro Farmer Truck
Oro Agri began working with Insight in September 2014. One of the first projects we worked on together is a good example of my overall experience with IMD. We needed to produce a video to introduce a recently developed product benefit. We had some hard deadlines we needed to hit so we could present the video at customer meetings and tradeshows. The IMD team was very proactive in lining up the needed resources, such as a producer and production house, and writing a script. Working with them was very collaborative and they accept client input well but also are not afraid to push back if they feel the quality or integrity of the project is better served by another approach.
Rich FediganMarketing Manager
Oro Agri, Inc.
Print Advertising Something to think about
Oro Jugs

Farmers have a lot on their mind. This campaign focused on the major challenges facing them to offer unique solutions they may not have thought of.

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Video Production Answering a growing need

A series of Insight created “whiteboard” videos promoted Oro Agri as the experts in adjuvant usage for a wide variety of agricultural applications.