QualiTru Sampling Systems

After three decades in business, QMI asked Insight Marketing Design to help position the company for the future. Our recommendations included a new name, new look and new brand positioning. Today, QualiTru Sampling Systems, formerly Quality Management System, is growing both market share in their existing markets and also entering multiple new market segments to add to their success.

Brand Development
Insight created the QualiTru Sampling System name to promote the key benefits of the company’s products while clearly positioning QualiTru in the sampling industry. A new logo was also designed to help tell the brand story.
Brand Development
Insight created a naming protocol and logos for QualiTru’s three main product lines. Each name reflects a corporate connection, as well as a product feature that distinguishes each of them.
Brand Development, Print & Design
QualiTru's new business cards, letterhead and envelope provide a memorable tool for communicating with potential and existing customers.
Print & Design
An attention-getting mailer, featuring metallic foil, was created to announce Qualitru’s new name while also promoting the benefit of using their sampling systems.
QualiTru’s customers are located across the country and around the world. For this reason, Insight built the new website to work well as a sales tool while also providing easy access for usage information and ordering for existing customers. See here: qualitru.com/
Brand Development, Digital Marketing
Insight’s digital team created an extremely targeted approach for QualiTru’s online marketing effort. The online ads answered the potential customer’s need for accurate and easy-to- use sampling equipment.
Print & Design
A variety of industry publications were used to announce QualiTru’s new name and introduce the new positioning. Insight’s media department identified mulitple trade publications that are “must-reads” for existing and potential QualiTru customers.
Designed to “stop them in their tracks,” Insight designed a new trade show exhibit booth that provides a clear and compelling message for anyone attending a convention.